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Legitimate morals might be interpreted as meaning the assemblage of guidelines and practice which decide the expert behavior of the individuals from bar. The principle object of legitimate morals has well been clarified by the central equity Marshall-"The crucial point of Legal morals is to keep up the honor and poise of the Law calling, to secure a soul of agreeable participation between the Bench and the Bar in the advancement of most astounding guidelines of equity, to set up respectable and reasonable dealings of the direction with his customer, adversary and observers, to build up a soul of fellowship in the bar itself and to secure that legal counselors release their obligations to the group for the most part.

Advocate must have :-

Great charge over the dialect, great voice, great force of expression, great learning of the law, great judgment skills, great nearness of brain and great wellbeing all help an attorney to wind up an effective legal advisor. Moreover, the control over the temper is likewise fundamental for turning into a mainstream and effective attorney.